When a baby veiled chameleon is born, it weights around 1 gram. Shedding skin looks pretty weird. . Whenever he shed my chameleon used to gape his mouth wide in anger and to probably try and remove bits of skin around his mouth, there was the odd little hiss too!

I’ve read ALOT of your articles and I’m looking to get a chameleon and this is the best source so far.

Shayna has shed three times since August.

The air that will get under the new skin and the dryness of the old skin will make the old skin look very white. I never had cause to use it but every chameleon is different and it may be worth the small investment. This site is owned and operated by Chameleonschool.com. When born they do not have the characteristic crest on top of their head, but this will develop gradually over time. It is very small and pretty fragile. Chameleons shed for the reasons mentioned at the beginning of the article. This is a misconception that needs clearing up. she's usually very happy so this is not normal behavior for her. The time until the eggs hatch takes longer when the temperature is lower. Shedding skin is part of many a reptile’s life and chameleons aren’t exempt from this.

Up until their around 18 months old they will shed their skin once every 3 to 4 weeks. The eggs do not need to be turned around or moved like bird eggs do. (Wait three days if your baby or family has a history of allergies.) When chameleons reach adult they shed their skin to accommodate changes in weight as opposed to growth. In addition, baby chameleons need to be fed more often than adults, so keep live, well-fed insects on hand to satisfy them. Some doctors recommend that you introduce new foods one at a time. Isambard spent a little over ten years in my care. m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) A veiled chameleon will shed its skin many times when it is growing and when adult.

Baby chameleons should be set up in a smaller cage—I generally use a ReptiBreeze 16” x 16” x 20” screen cage.

I wouldn’t worry too much if the pieces aren’t building up as it’s normal for some bits to be left behind. http://www.reptilesupply.com/product.php?products_id=368. Is there anything I can do to help her? I’m glad my writing has been helpful to you . The white cloudy areas started to appear. This morning he started to shed in the same spots where the water stayed last night and then a couple of of hours later he started too shed.

He is also about 5 months old. She's getting really grumpy now because she's gettin so itchy. When young it will shed often and usually pretty quickly. It’s the same sort of sensation as peeling skin not ready to come off after you’ve suffered sun burn.

Continued Baby Milestone 4: When They Can Manage Finger Foods. Veiled chameleons grow very fast, one week after birth they can weight as much as 1,5 grams. What to check for when buying a chameleon, Ventilation in the enclosure of chameleons, Website made by Linda van Zomeren webdesign. An increase in weight may also give the impression they’re shedding all the time so be careful not to overfeed them. Bacteria can also get between the gap of the unshed skin and the chameleon’s body and breed there causing infections. Baby chameleons grow extremely quickly. Recently my veiled chameleon has been doing a lot of shedding. They shed because their skin does not grow with their bodies so the older they get the less frequently they shed.

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