If your current decrease in traffic is less than previous years, you can consider your results successful. When this number becomes a problem, take a step back and evaluate where exactly the costs are hurting your brand. Google Analytics 5 took the best features of their analytics program and made it even easier to use with new organization and visualization features. Create, edit, customize, and share visual sitemaps integrated with Google Analytics for easy discovery, planning, and collaboration. This is somewhat common for blogs as people are coming to find a particular piece of information and then leave (hopefully) satisfied. Ideally, you’d like to see an increase in traffic month over month, so try to figure out what caused the increase and replicate it for the future. Use this as a guide to help you determine which metrics are the most important to track. If your average time on site is lower and the bounce rate is higher than your overall numbers, then you’ll know that you’re losing that much of your mobile traffic.

Compare your traffic sources with the page views and this will give you the insight you need. These new visitors will be the ones that are seeing everything for the first time, and will not be privy to any “tricks” to better use the website.

Now it’s your turn – what awesome things have you learned about your website from Google Analytics? It is easy to get lost in an array of data without knowing what to take away from it. Here’s how a regex would look if … Marketing analytics is an excellent tool for you to answer these questions. With the right custom segments, you can find out the ROI of your social media campaign as well as your other online marketing strategies. As an example, my blog’s search results URL is http://kikolani.com/?s=blogging. It’s full of powerful information that you can use to grow your blog traffic and online presence as a whole. What Are Keywords and Why Do They Matter? Then add your widgets. Well, that’s about to change with the help of Get the Clicks. Here you can see the overall performance of your website.

Often times your brand's final call to action (or conversion) will be on the second or third page of a process.

Her blog Kikolani focuses on blog marketing, including social networking strategies and blogging tips.

Google Analytics can give you a ton of information about your website. It may sound a bit scary, but if you know the basics, it’s quite doable and will make your Google Analytics life a whole lot easier. 208.290.2525. Fixing underperforming pages is a great way to improve the overall metrics.

For Destination, change your rule to “Begins with” and add your Thank You page — that’s where people who opt-in end up.

It is vital to know that the way in which a returning visitor interacts with your website will be different from how a first-time visitor will interact with your website.

There are three categories for the primary sources: direct visitors, search visitors, and referral visitors. When you proceed armed with this knowledge, there will be nothing stopping you from growing your website in the way that is best for your brand. It needs to provide a great user experience up front. Calculating the value per visit is sometimes difficult because there are various intangibles that are involved in creating value that are hard to exactly define. You need to know what to prioritize, or else you will spend hours trying to understand what all the numbers mean for your website traffic. Each one of these interactions is very important and your end goal is more than just increasing these interactions (which will increase the time that is spent on the website), but you must also map out how you will transform these increased interactions into actual conversions—purchases, subscriptions, downloads, and the like.

By placing a short snippet of code on your site, you are able to see how many people come to your website, how they found you (like from SEO or SEM), and what they did once they arrived. In a previous year, your drop in traffic in October was -40%, but this year your drop in traffic is -20%. As the name implies, it is useful for studying and trying to understand the “flow” of users through your website …

But sometimes Google Analytics reports can get overwhelming. Yes, I want more traffic

Suite 1100 #169 Now you will know the specific locations whose visitors bring you the most conversions. But for other websites, it may signify that people are not finding what they are looking for on that page and then leaving. Your website's bounce rates are not totally derived from the home page.

It’s free and easy to install, which is widely accessible.

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Google Analytics can actively increase your conversion rates.

Targeting visitors in these locations with your ads will result in even more goal completions for your site. Your email address will not be published. Here are nine awesome things you can do with Google Analytics 5 that will help you get the most out of your analytics information and use it to improve your website’s content, conversions, and user experience. This will tell you how many people are arriving and exiting on a particular page.

Although every business is unique and every website has different metrics that matter, this post is a universal list of 5 ways to use Google Analytics to report the success of your SEO efforts. If your year over year data is also down, then you probably have a bigger issue on your hands, where further investigation is required.

Engagement metrics are another important data set to analyze. This will give you info on the following: Sessions - the number of times a user opened a browser to a page on your site. Or if people exit before confirming their order, you’ll know that there is something missing that is making people not want to click that final button.

601 N. Ashley Drive Speaking in pre-Google terms, this would be a costly enterprise software suite, not a free service, which it now is. Under the behavior flow tab, you can analyze which pages navigate users to different sections on your site and when they leave.

Audience Overview. Creating Goals in Google Analytics Step 5: Name Your Goal, then Select Destination for Goal Type.

The Client ID cookie exists for two years. This can be the result of a checkout process that is too complicated, deals that are expired or irrelevant, or forced cart additions (you must add the item to your cart in order to see the actual price of the item).Blogs will often times see high bounce rates.

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