She is not very trusting so you will have to earn both her loyalty and trust before she even thinks about sharing her innermost feelings with you. The Cancer partner is an ideal match for the demanding Scorpio Woman as a love affair between the two is genuine, deep, and sweet.

This way, you'll be able to concentrate on all that she is saying and, just as important, what she's keeping to herself. Again, this calm exterior is designed to get everyone to fall in line. Since we’re talking about best traits, here are three of the best traits of Scorpio women. Her face has an angular shape, her chin is strong, and she can have a striking nose. You will find she has an amazing intellect, a sharp wit, and more than a keen understanding of the world around her. Home; 2020 Celtic Tree Horoscopes. Scorpio women concentrate explicitly, and beautifully clearly, only on the basic nature of every issue and ignore the unnecessary. The Pisces partner will also find troubles with a Scorpio pairing. Here is a list of 10 negative personality traits of the Scorpio man or woman! However, we also have our dark sides. In fact, when this woman decides what she wants, she'll go after it regardless of the challenges in her way. If you fit the bill, you have a loyal, committed and dedicated friend for a lifetime. If you want to be friends with a female who is ruled by the sign of Scorpio, you must be genuine, truthful, and always on the up and up. Even when they like someone, they'll still fix those steely eyes on that person and make him quake all the way down to his boots. The Scorpio Woman is one who absolutely hates discussing her past or her personal life, so prying is not a good idea. However, her most recognizable physical feature is her large eyes and her staring penetrating gaze that seems to see right into you. If you don’t meet up to her expectations, she might make you the victim of a broken heart. But, she will see it as part of her regular health regime to enjoy the passions of another on a near regular basis. This is just a tactic designed to test the strength of your love. Don't be fooled. Why wasn't this page useful? The Scorpio Woman matched up with a Gemini partner is a relationship that really promises little success. The glasses let her cast her deep, wise eyes in the shadows. Her face has an angular shape, her chin is strong, and she can have a striking nose. Get to know her and see her wisdom. Celebrities: Hillary Clinton, Marie Curie, Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry, Julia Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Jodie Foster. They are known for their passion, assertiveness, determination, and decisiveness. They will be attracted to each other based on sheer commonalities that will also threaten to tear the relationship asunder. Scorpios are often known for being quite mysterious and many find they simply have a hard to getting on their level. She will be there whenever you need a helping hand and will come to your defense like a warrior might. She will present her wants and needs in clear black and white terms. Let her have her space, mind your boundaries, and remember that she oversees herself and the direction of the relationship. You will find she has an amazing intellect, a sharp wit, and more than a keen understanding of the world around her. No amount of fun or laughter can bring these two together in a harmonious way. Bear in mind that over the years the bone and joints may suffer from overuse and rough handling. Scorpio Woman Traits. The sexuality, the secrets, the magnetism; it all sounds like so much to deal with, so why bother? Scorpio women are a fascinating mix of spirituality and sexuality because this is what their planetary ruler, Pluto, governs. Meanwhile, Pluto’s energies give that ultra-air of mystery to this lovely lady friend of yours. She attributes the issue to brain fog. Scorpio star sign is the most intense sign in the zodiac. The Scorpio Woman is discerning. It's worth dealing with a Scorpio beauty because of her: When you add all these traits together, a Scorpio woman may actually be one of the nicest, kindest, most honest and good-natured person you've ever met. Since the Scorpio Woman enjoys all things mysterious, a simple gift might be a pair of dark designer sunglasses. Ltd. 2001-2020. Glyph Meaning: The scorpion and its tail.

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