If you have wide feet then TTS, if not then one size down US 7/UK6/EU40. I really like them, they're comfortable, and I spend lots of my day standing in an office. R M Williams have a seconds shop on frost road Salisbury sth aust, they sell seconds from most of their product lines, not sure but i think they will send them to you if you phone order. Fashion advice for blokes, from any mate. The break in on my shoes was a little bad, but now they're comfortable. They're still a very hard leather, whereas when I broke in my loakes they became buttery soft. Has anyone ordered of meermin before? I had to take my Beckmans off when I flew to LA, but these went through the metal detector just fine. This is one of the most expensive boots they have but I still think the quality/cost ratio is more than justifiable. RM WILLIAMS size 8 H-wide vs Carmina ... Meermin is known for a high quality/cost ratio (solid GYW shoes for $180-$300), so this is not your typical Meermin shoe. R.M. 8G (made in Australia) Comfort sole.


RM Williams B543: Dynamic Flex 8G, perfect fit. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Viberg 2030: 8.5, second best fit (after Vass) Viberg 2040: 8. They obviously have very high standards, i bought a shirt fron there, the only flaw was a loose thread under the left arm, they reduced price by 40%. And it's true! This subreddit is a place to post sales, ask for advice, share useful tips and all that jazz as long as it pertains in general to menswear in Australia! I heard their shoes take a while to break in, nevertheless they are the only pair of shoes I have and they look amazing. Vass P2: 41.5, no question, the best fit. To compare, I'm a 10.5 in Red Wings, and a 44 euro generally. Williams doesn’t have much information about the tanning process but it is worth reiterating that the Chestnut color is probably going to be more burgundy than you expect, so remember it comes in rum, nutmeg, and dark tan as well if you’re more of a traditional fella. RM Williams Comfort Craftsman. RM Williams B555: 8G, fits a bit tight on toes (narrow toe) and no heel slip, 8H probably fits better on toes but with heel slip. Have wide feet and expected to land around a 8.5 but I couldn't fit the Meermin Hiro 8.5UK. If so, what is the sizing like? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AustralianMFA community. Loake 44. What I did was just try on any popular good year welt shoe in person and email them exactly what you tried on and its size, they'll let you know what sizing will fit best with how your current dress shoes are. A US8 is generally a 6.5/7 UK or a 40/41 in a EUR Size. Again it always comes down to the brand and how they fit. I think I should have gone half a size up but I'd say they're generally true to size and if anything run slightly small - it's the last that you might have a problem with. I asked about shoe trees. Ive got 2 pairs. I was an ex employee of Aquila in Melbourne, best thing to do is go into a store such as aquila and shop around and try on shoes to see which fits before purchasing.

The 9.5UK is also very tight but I might have be able to break that one in. Purchasing. What I did was just try on any popular good year welt shoe in person and email them exactly what you tried on and its size, they'll let you know what sizing will fit … Great quality and craftsmanship. I'm a size US 8 in converse chuck taylors, what would fit me? Here's my sizing for reference. Press J to jump to the feed. Yearling leather. EDIT: as far as I can tell, it looks like they only sell direct, https://www.meermin.es/in_en/?___from_store=en. Currently wearing a 10, have a pair of boots in 10.5. Clarks desert boots 9 (roomy but couldn't size down any further), Allen Edmonds 511 last 9.5EEE (but 9EEE might also work), Rider Boot Co 42 Last 9.5EE (tad long, 9EE might work). Thanks for the advice, the only problem is I don't own any dress shoes so I can't compare them. I've heard great things from Meermin. They only … Where are you looking at buying them from? Airport friendly!! I do feel my Meermin's ran TTS or smaller rather than larger - although I did get them a couple years ago so some stuff might have changed. I heard their shoes take a while to break in, nevertheless they are the only pair of shoes I have and they look amazing. They do half sizes for wider feet which I believe only change the width and not the length.

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