You can see exactly why he’s done it. I think he’s just done the new Bob Dylan film. Q. So, I am excited. I mean I turn to it for help every day… Googling stuff! We asked whether we could look at each other, or react to gestures and feelings. It was such a long time ago as well that it almost seems alien to see everyone again [on the press tour].

Something like Dear Wendy, I know exactly why he did it – because Thomas Vinterberg was the director and he has the Dogma background.
But if I had some more significant help that I needed I wouldn’t turn to a chatroom. But also my parents got divorced. Matthew Beard: No [laughs]. It takes a lot of guts, if you’ve got a three film project called Pirates of the Caribbean sitting on the table with Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley and a film in the Hebrides for six weeks with no money and someone you don’t really know, to turn the former down. So, I was happy to shake it off once done and get on my life, and get my family and friends back. But you must be incredibly delighted with the way your career is working out? So I had time to explore that and that was really valuable - I went to a lot of the art galleries and I watched a lot of documentaries about what was going on at the time because in 1906 there was huge burst in architecture, art and science so I tried to explore all of that. We’re a similar age. Or can you see the appeal once you start going down that path? So, as a film fan it interests you more than any five star reviews would.

But Anand very cleverly had a day of rehearsals before, where we sat in one of those posh Soho club places and talked about the book and the screenplay with Jim and Colin [Firth]. You’ve just finished The Hippie Hippie Shake… They just get unfairly branded. He just did Equus and his new film December Boys is a very low-key film compared to Harry Potter. But it was perfect because he’s one of those characters that’s always there in the background somewhere, which meant I still got to be on set all the time, watching. Chatroom - Matthew Beard interview.
Q. I was very blessed with my on-screen family, I was really excited when I found out who they were going to be. He’s doing In Celebration in the West End now. It helped me to consider what questions I should be asking of the director or of myself. And he’s always thinking. If he’s in a queue he’d be asking what was going on. You just sit and watch him and want to go in his head a little bit because you can see his cogs working. He’s young as well and followed a very similar route to me in that he’s come from up north and got a bit of a break.

Was it as much of a help as it was a hindrance to have the cast right there in front of you, even when there were times you weren’t supposed to be able to see them? But it was difficult. Even though a lot of it was rubbish, I wouldn’t trade it in ever. People sort of disappear into personal messages and then re-appear again. But some people will fill it with the easiest thing, the thing that’s most at hand, and that today is the Internet. Is that difficult to comprehend at first, that someone like Jim Broadbent becomes Jim? It also wasn’t scary to go up and talk to Jim, or to talk to Anand. So, I have two lines or something – if you go to the toilet you’ll probably miss me [laughs]. It really was like a real driving lesson. He also talks about visiting real-life chatrooms and wishing (sometimes) that he hadn’t, as well as his career to date and why he’s delighted to have worked with Lone Scherfig … People like James McAvoy, too, although he’s not struggling. But I enjoy it even though I really hate watching myself. There are a lot of really good British actors at the moment, such as Jamie Bell… I’ll catch myself saying it sometimes… I’ll say “Colin” to someone I know and they’ll ask: “Do you mean Colin Firth?” But they’re so utterly normal. But I try and avoid it. Interview by Rob Carnevale . I’ve had some of the best times of my life on film sets and people I’ve met have been the best friends I’ve ever had, so I definitely wouldn’t swap it. But they were talking to me and asking for my opinion on the script, or the character, and they were just as interested as I was. Matthew Beard: It was great. It’s not thought out at all… it’s just all by chance and the way things have worked out. As an actor, that’s brilliant because it cuts out all the boring bits. My parents got re-married, so I had new stepsisters all of a sudden and a half sister came along. It’s exactly what you should do. MATTHEW BEARD RETURNS TO THE STAGE IN 'LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT' Three years ago, the English actor Matthew Beard made his New York stage début opposite Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy in Skylight, earning himself a Tony nomination for a performance that lasted roughly nineteen minutes each night.

So, I thought I’ll go for it. Matthew Beard: Jamie Bell is a definite role model for me. It’s strange and very nerve-wracking. But in terms of having them there, I think it would have been strange to do our bits individually with blue screen or something. He’s managed to mix the blockbusters with the roles that matter to him a bit more. So, you give up your free time to do this, but it’s hardly a sacrifice really. Now, it’s like: “Oh God, I’m going to get found out now!” When you’re on set this [the release date] is very far away and you don’t really think about it. He was in Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer and he was the youngest ever Hamlet. Has this first experience of movies whet your appetite?

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