They are most abundant in Florida and other southeastern states. Guarantees on Live Reptiles & Amphibians are void when night time temperatures are listed to fall below 39 or daytime temperatures above 80 degrees. Thank you.FEEDER INSECT POLICYNOTE: While we use proper packaging methods and boxes for live insects there are no live arrival guarantees on any live feeder shipment that goes via priority mail. Under no circumstances are any animals or insects returnable or refundable... in the event of a live animal claim, replacement or store credit are the only options. We cannot under any circumstances cancel a live reptile, amphibian, spider or scorpion order.

Live Arrival Guarantee is only provided when a shipment has been signed for on the first delivery attempt.

As baby hatchlings, lavender corn snakes are darker and browner.

FREE SHIPPINGWe offer Free Shipping on most product orders $99 and over.Free Shipping is only available for orders within the contiguous 48 US States.

If your pet is ill you should visit your local veterinarian who specializes in reptiles and exotic creatures. If you ever have a question about a pet you purchased from us with regards to heating, lighting, enclosures, diet, etc.

The Oxford English Dictionary cites this usage as far back as 1675. we are more than happy to provide you with our expert advice. Make sure their enclosure does not get too hot. © 2020 Big Apple Pet Supply Taking its name from the corn granaries, which attracted mice and then these mouse predators, the corn snake makes an excellent pet snake. In the wild, they usually live around 6–8 years, but in captivity can live to be up to 23 years old or longer. Long lived - average of 15 to 20 years in captivity. They often hide under loose bark or beneath logs, rocks and other debris during the day. They are often kept as pets. These snakes inhabit wooded groves, rocky hillsides, meadowlands, woodlots, rocky open areas, tropical hammocks, barns and abandoned buildings. Snake enthusiasts generally value snakes with a clear purplish color, so lavender corn snakes for sale may widely vary in price. Corn snakes are oviparous, meaning they lay eggs that later hatch.
Great snake species for kids and adults - most popular snake in the pet industry.

Either guarantee requires without any exceptions that you supply several digital pictures (3 angles) of the reptile, amphibian, scorpion or tarantula on its back (belly up), from the side and from the top belly down.

Live animals cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or outside the US. The eggs hatch between July and September, and hatchlings are 25 to 38 centimeters (10 to 15 inches) long. This advert is located in and around Southampton, South East. When an issue appears do not wait to attempt to correct it as even a single day could make a major difference. Along their bellies are distinctive rows of alternating black and white marks, which resemble a checkerboard pattern.

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