Keep testing new strategies and tactics all the time to improve your results.

Tip #1. Any photos or images captured on a phone won’t do. Les entrepreneurs français, les artistes ou … People tend to listen to others’ opinions when buying a product, so make sure to include the feedback of other users about your product on your page. Interestingly, those who back the project from the very beginning are often the greatest advocates and supporters in the long term. Tip #13. Integrate your campaign page with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. Kickstarter existe pour faire vivre les projets créatifs.

Use 2-3 subscription forms along the landing page depending on its length. Tip #75. In the survey you can write whatever questions you want, but keep everything short (3-4 questions overall). Tip #43. We have used Perkfection to keep the rewards always-low for our project PICO, which helped us increase the conversion rate on the page by 33% and raise more than $1.4 million on Kickstarter.

Comment any question below and we ensure you’ll get your answer within hours. Instagram annonce son propre outil dédié au crowdfunding, COVID-19 : en difficulté, Kickstarter pourrait se séparer de 45 % de ses employés, Ce petit cube transforme n’importe quel écran en un dispositif sans contact. Providing technical information lends credibility to your project and lets people know exactly what they should expect in your product. If you prefer to do PR on your own too, we have a tool you can use to build a media list. The page should introduce the product, announce that it’s coming soon to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, and highlight a few of the product’s key features. So make sure that you work on finding the best ways to use lookalikes in different ways! Make your subscribers wait for your next email. Tip #48. These tracking methods are not 100% accurate and they all have bugs and incorrections, but they still exist and help us do our job. I am about to prepare my first Kickstarter campaign and I just read everything that I needed to know.

A large number of followers does not yet mean the given influencer is a good one.

Actuellement, la société de crowdfunding a déjà levé plus de 1,7 milliard de dollars pour financer plus de 84000 projets, allant de la création d’une nouvelle imprimante 3D, à la réalisation d’un film ou au financement de l’enregistrement d’un disque… Plus de 8,5 millions de personnes auraient fait un don via Kickstarter. Secondly, provide a concise and accurate brief for each contact to ensure the best results. Check out Point 85 for more details on what to include in the press kit. Ask them to share your product on social media for you. Your Kickstarter campaign page is your business card. This means that potential customers are lost because of a factor that can—in fact—easily be controlled. Read our article about finding and reaching out to relevant influencers for more detailed insights. Whatever the reason, this problem is bad news. One thing you can try with this strategy as well, is to scale your audience size with the budget scale. Kickstarter lets us send messages to our backers, and that process is done inside of Kickstarter. In the search bar, input the main keyword that describes your product and hit Enter. Merci ! Shopify utilise des cookies pour offrir les fonctionnalités de site nécessaires et améliorer votre expérience. Remember, the more reviews, the better. Read this guide on Amazon product research for more detailed tips (in many cases the techniques are applicable to eBay as well). So, set it $25K and reach $2.5M to make your campaign more attractive by keeping your funding bar green. 5. Build engaging social media content. In a majority of cases, it will — as you’d otherwise lose the auction battle and discover how competitive your target niche is. Enter your email below to get exclusive blog updates delivered right to your inbox!
To help you navigate easily, we have divided the article into sections corresponding to stages that a Kickstarter campaign passes through: research, pre-launch, and funding stage. Describe your product maximally well in your photos and videos. Tip #83.

During the research stage, the product is compared to other similar products, as well as the product benefits, target audience and positioning are determined.

Look at the example below and try to play with the commands to get the best outcome: E.g. Give the influencer a basic idea of what kind of content you expect, but never limit their creativity. Mais de quoi va-t-il exactement parler ? For example in Typeform you can embed your pixel in the survey simply by going to the “Connect” section and pasting there your Facebook pixel ID.

These 3 are streets ahead of the thousands of other active crowdfunding platforms currently littering the web. En saisissant votre e-mail, vous acceptez de recevoir des e-mails de marketing de la part de Shopify.

Tip #120. Contacting friends, influencers and acquaintances is essential but at the same time, you should contact each of these groups in a different manner. Keep the text of a referral program short and precise.

Bidding is the amount of money you are willing to spend for 1 unit of conversion. La partie où il fallait qu’on explique « Pourquoi on a besoin de votre aide » était de loin la plus difficile à rédiger. It contains 131 tested crowdfunding tips to create and promote your campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Make quizzes right inside chatbot.

The open rate of those emails is extremely high since backers are awaiting news on the products they have pledged for. While Pebble experienced a sharp decline in recent years, the Kickstarter campaign for this smart watch was a resounding success. In this sense, you can simply use free tools such as which enables you to identify websites with a high number of visits. Here, as you can see, I’ve selected “electric bicycle” as an interest, narrowed the age to 25-45, and then opened the “Page likes” part. Tip #65. Video creation and photo-shootings, Every successful Kickstarter campaign was the recipient of a large volume of online traffic. Les sites de crowdfunding comme Kickstarter offrent aujourd'hui une opportunité unique aux entrepreneurs qui ont l’idée, mais pas l’argent. For getting a unique referral link on Kickstarter, go to your campaign profile page, Dashboard, then scroll and you’ll see Custom referral tag. And the main thing that tells the backer that your campaign is successful is the bar which shows how close you are to your goal.

That being said, here is a more specific outline on how to approach them. Choose the “Ecommerce settings” from the “View” column -> ->, Go to the “Audience” section from the left panel. Try to capture your product in the situations it is meant to be used. The third best scaling strategy is to duplicate your best-performing campaigns or ad sets and increase the budget from 30% to 50%. Tip #46.

Make sure you are posting daily to your social networks and responding to comments in order to keep your followers engaged. Let’s say you have a strongly performing campaign with a $50 daily budget, after a week you see you get stable results from it and want to get more. These badges are super useful in minimizing the risk of buying your product. So only here and only now (drum rolls), introducing an amazing solution which will make the job of advertisers much easier. Vous avez des questions à propos de Shopify ?Envoyez un e-mail à l’adresse suivante et notre équipe d’assistance technique vous répondra en français dès que possible And as it might differ from campaign to campaign, you need to test and understand which is the best option for you.

Vous êtes adepte des jeux qui sont dématérialisés ?

Vous devriez également tester une application Shopify qui permet de réaliser des préventes, ce qui se rapproche fortement de ce que l’on pourrait appeler le « crowdfunding personnalisé ». Tip #45. This is specifically useful when you need to keep the cost within a specific threshold. Although it may come across as sneaky, you can also use a virtual assistant to establish who you might know in relation to particular websites or blogs. To set up your GA account, first, you need to add the tracking ID to your product page. J'ai eu l'occasion de m’entretenir avec Valerie au sujet de sa première campagne très réussie sur Kickstarter, et de sa dernière campagne pour The UpCycle Cage, un porte-gourde pour vélo fabriqué à partir de bouteilles en acier inoxydable recyclées. In this section you can see what pages people in your selected category like. GA is the most reliable choice when dealing with conversions and user behavior of your campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

As you might expect, checking the online traffic for a particular website is just as important. En fin de compte, on a collecté près de 20 000 $, soit environ 550 % de notre objectif initial de collecte de fonds. After some trial and error, we found a Facebook ad hack to make Facebook text overlays without getting caught. Well, if other campaigns raise $25,000 in 2 months, we raise almost $50,000 in only a day! Tip #119.

Even if you are going to pay, the presence of the sample in the video post will bring the best exposure to your product. Write down each and every crazy idea you can come up with.

Needless to say, it makes sense to save time and expend energy on these avenues instead of wasting it elsewhere. You can use the Kickoff labs to let your backers refer to their friends and earn rewards.

Although you may want to take time to produce a format for the personalized messages, your virtual assistant can take care of writing some of these and dispatching the emails to the correct addresses. In this article, we’ve outlined everything you’ll need to run a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Click the small arrow next to the “Follow” button and Instagram will display similar profiles taking into account the niche, interests, number of followers, etc. Le projet paraît aussi sur le Kickstarter US et les autres quand c’est publié par un français? And don’t forget that you are writing for people: Show your product features in the form of benefits to make them more attractive for them.

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