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Peter worked originally as an organic chemist with Unilever before setting up a free newspaper group in Kent. I have had dreams that have changed my waking life—the novel I’m writing today began in a dream. It is short and strange and full of swearing and men losing their trousers on the bus. Her gut gurgling coke cans and Primark, plastic dental floss sticks, dead cats. The response to the series has gathered huge momentum. It will buy me time to finish writing my first novel.

In December 2019, the story was selected by Marie Gethins in Banshee as one of her three ‘Best of 2019 Reading List,’ alongside Ann Enright with ’The Weight,’ in The New Yorker’s summer flash series, and ’The Ghost of a Very Small Thing’ by Cathy Ulrich, published in Lunate. “Do you want to paint it pink, or blue?” you ask, smashing the biggest insect with your boot. After returning to the UK Julian joined Pharmaceutical Wholesaler UniChem Ltd (now Alliance Healthcare) where he became Operations Director. And zero frosty cockles.

Holly was at home watching a triple-bill-all-night-retro-horror-film-fest when her jaw dropped. The citizens of London kept sane by mood-altering medicine.

In my life, there are these intense moments of being that glow—with catastrophe or love, or clear, cold pain, shock, or fear;—and they are the ones that bubble up from under the floorboards of your brain and spider around in your mind when you are lying in bed trying to sleep. An intriguing title, and an intriguing story built from staccato lines full of alliteration and movement. So. I love SmokeLong Quarterly. As an objective voice that can challenge without being confrontational, Nick provides clarity and generates consensus on the goals, values and distinctive activities that contribute to the culture of the business and that will provide a sustainable competitive advantage to the organisation. She is snapped, her skull six metres down, tiding with gravel. You can read it right here. This was in the late 1970’s and was mostly written in a then relatively unknown programming language called “C”. They are the Holy Grail of Literary Journals. A story of reanimation, organ transplantation, genetic engineering, and medical ethics. In the pursuit of intellectual seriousness, fully embracing the honour and my new literary sophistication, I wrote a story called 'Alzhimer's and Wanking. ancillary suites for the Old Parsonage Hotel” (16/03032/FUL) “In the last 30 years Oxford has not moved on for the better,” Mr Mogford claimed.

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