Twitter: @YzdZakiyeh. Her expertise mainly focuses on great-power rivalries in the Middle East. By placing a greater focus on the development of the two strategic ports of Jask and Chabahar, Iran is attempting to shift its geostrategic focus from the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman.

Burton explained that the real target of Washington is Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The Persian Gulf supplies more than half of China’s energy needs. A Three-dimensional Account of Iran–China Relations. It was provocatively headlined: Defying US, China and Iran near trade and military partnership. “The outcome may be that China ceases to be an outside observer of conflict and becomes an active – albeit reluctant – participant,” he said. By exaggerating the scope and ambitions of the prospective deal, the US media is once again fanning the flames of war.

While Iranian officials have refused to link India’s removal from Chabahar-Zahedan project to the new 25-year deal with China, it seems that India’s close ties to Washington led to this decision. By placing a greater focus on the development of the two strategic ports of Jask and Chabahar, Iran is attempting to shift its geostrategic focus from the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman. For as little as $6/month, you will: © 2020 The Times of Israel , All Rights Reserved, China ‘strategic accord’ could give Iran a $400 billion boost, up military ties, Under 25 year agreement reportedly finalized, Beijing and Tehran to increase military cooperation, including weapons development and intel sharing; China getting discount oil, Expert: Israel must always heed US concerns, but its China ties can still thrive, Carice Witte says China knows Israel’s first allegiance is to America, but it’s also not the 51st state; despite current crisis, that leaves room for a wide range of engagement, Iran reports fifth coronavirus death, the highest tally outside Far East, As global infection numbers rise to 78,000, Tehran says some 28 in country have been confirmed as sick, amid national parliamentary elections, Iranian ambassador to UN says Soleimani killing an ‘act of war’, ‘We have to act and we will act,’ envoy tells CNN; Hezbollah political official says Washington ‘made a mistake’ and will soon come to regret hit on Iranian general, Iran says Chinese state oil firm withdraws from $5b natural gas deal, Massive South Pars field agreement, reached after 2015 nuclear accord, becomes latest business casualty of US sanctions campaign on Tehran, China, Iran meet amid efforts to preserve nuclear deal, Chinese perception that the US seeks to contain the nation’s global rise generates public sympathy for Tehran, Key Chinese bank to stop dealing with Iran ahead of US sanctions — report, State-owned Bank of Kunlun, the major conduit of Bejing-Tehran energy trade, tells clients it will stop processing payments from Islamic republic, China to host Iran leader amid nuclear deal upheaval, President Xi Jinping will meet Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani together with Russia’s Putin on the sidelines of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, China vows to ‘safeguard’ Iran nuclear deal, Beijing says it will maintain ‘normal economic and trade exchanges’ with Tehran despite Trump’s announcement of US sanctions, China hits back at US after firm penalized over Iran business, ZTE ‘used shell companies to illegally reexport controled items to sanctioned countries,’ US claims, Freed from sanctions, Iran seeks $45b in foreign investment, Economy minister says Tehran expects $15 billion in international funds in the coming year alone, China’s Xi Jinping is all business in Middle East visit, When President Xi Jinping of China traveled to the Middle East this month he dropped in on two regional rivals, Saudi Arabia and Iran, a feat few global leaders could pull off, The New York Times reports, Iran, China discuss $600b economic deals as Xi Jinping visits, Local news agency says China ‘acknowledges Iran’s constructive role in fight against terrorism and maintaining peace and stability in the region’, Chinese president in Tehran for first visit in 14 years, Xi Jinping is the first leader from six world powers to visit Islamic Republic since nuclear deal was finalized, Chinese leader calls for Palestinian state with East Jerusalem capital, Xi Jinping, on tour of the region that includes Iran visit, tells Arab League that China supports peace process, Already a member? The Chinese-Iranian strategic partnership will also impact neighboring regions, including South Asia. China doesn't want war, but Trump's strike against Iran could present an opportunity to Beijing Analysis by James Griffiths , CNN Updated 12:53 AM ET, Tue January 7, 2020 Unsurprisingly, they have not been impressed with the mainstream media’s melodramatic coverage of US-China competition in the Middle East. This echoed earlier US media scoops about confidential negotiations between Israeli and Emirati leaders. For China, the pact can help guarantee its energy security. “How much of this is intentional (to influence US policy) or because of a misunderstanding of Chinese interest and capacity?” he asked. Iran now accuses India of delaying its investments under U.S. pressure and has dismissed India from the project. While the Trump administration was busy setting the Middle East alight by withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, the Chinese were building ports and industrial zones around the region. Given the geopolitical and economic importance of the Middle East, the deal with Iran gives China yet another perch from which it can challenge U.S. power. While China remains the largest trading partner of the United States and there are still extensive bilateral relations between the two global powers, their competition has intensified in various fields to the point that many observers argue the world is entering a new cold war. These genuine experts are easy to find on Twitter, where they share each other’s work and chat about the latest news. Tom Hussain is a journalist and Pakistan affairs analyst based in Islamabad.

The Iranian government has reportedly approved a draft 25-year deal with China on economic and political cooperation. FATA: Terrorists or victims of a covert war?

This information is not hard to come by.

Iran’s Pact With China Is Bad News for the West According to this plan, regional industrial parks developed by Chinese companies in some Persian Gulf countries will link up to ports where China has a strong presence. Although this policy has hit Iran’s economy hard, it has not been able to change the country’s ambitious regional and military policies yet. July 13, 2020, 12:47 am. This interconnected network of industrial parks and ports can further challenge the United States’ dominant position in the region surrounding the strategically vital Strait of Hormuz. (China’s other Arab oil suppliers in the Persian Gulf region have close security ties with the United States.). China grasps Iran’s position and importance as a regional power in the new Middle East. Guy Burton, author of the recently published book, China and Middle East Conflicts, took exception to a story published by The Hill, headlined: A China-Iran partnership would make China the Middle East arbiter. For China, the pact can help guarantee its energy security. Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman, Abbas Mousavi, said it … The announcement could end Sudan’s three decades as an international pariah.

There is no grand alliance or “evil axis” – just tentative diplomacy and proxy warfare amid shifts in the balance of power in the Middle East, necessitated in part by the withdrawal of US combat forces from the region, as well as the seepage of power to Beijing from Washington. It was not long before the US media was discussing how the UAE-Israel agreement represented the formation of a US-led grand alliance against a new “axis of evil” between Iran, China and possibly also Turkey. Drought-hit farmers in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua have refused to cede control of a dam so that Mexico can repay its water debt to the United States. Iran’s Pact With China Is Bad News for the... A recently leaked document suggests that China and Iran are entering a 25-year strategic partnership in trade, politics, culture, and security. This dependence is at odds with China’s general policy of diversifying its energy sources and not being reliant on one supplier. Regardless of what Washington thinks, the new China-Iran relationship will ultimately undermine India’s interests in the region, particularly if Pakistan gets on board. Chinese-Iranian ties will inevitably reshape the political landscape of the region in favor of Iran and China, further undermining U.S. influence. A little digging quickly uncovers the large, eloquent body of research and analysis that is maintained and constantly updated by very capable academics. Writing for the aptly-named website Responsible Statecraft, Jacopo Scita, a doctoral fellow at Durham University, said: “The news of a 25-year comprehensive cooperation agreement secretly signed between the Iranian government and China has been the hot topic of the last few weeks, generating a considerable amount of speculation, exaggeration, and politically biased interpretation. The Chinese-Iranian strategic partnership will also impact neighboring regions, including South Asia. The implementation of Iran’s proposal to expand the existing China-Pakistan Economic Corridor along northern, western, and southern axes and link Gwadar Port in Pakistan to Chabahar and then to Europe and to Central Asia through Iran by a rail network is now more probable. Indeed, the agreement allows China to play a greater role in one of the most important regions in the world. It’s an approach that authoritarian states in the Middle East tend to welcome. China’s growing influence in East Asia and Africa has challenged U.S. interests, and the Middle East is the next battlefield on which Beijing can challenge U.S. hegemony—this time through Iran. Chinese-Iranian relations are rooted in both countries' having authoritarian regimes and historical narratives that characterize the international system as unjust and dominated by Western powers. In other words, China risks being sucked into other nations’ rivalries, but it will not be the one to pick a fight. Ironically, his question was answered by the State Department’s own media arm, Voice of America (VoA), in a nicely balanced article pegged to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent bombast on the subject. Framing the discussion of China’s rise or role in the Middle East to a zero-sum game of choosing either US or Chinese patronage and partnership has served rhetorically only to increase China’s stature among the region’s political leadership, she said. Second, China must encourage good governance and effective fight against corruption by Iran’s political elite so that Iran-China economic relations will produce tangible economic benefits for a large majority of Iranians. U.S. President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran in 2018, and the subsequent introduction of the maximum pressure policy, was the last effort by the U.S. government to halt Iran’s growing influence in the region.

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