Rangers have since explored options to increase capacity. The thinking is that it all pays for itself over approximately 4 years. Those are the only two corners we can do anything with as we need the access routes between Brooomloan and Main and Copland and Main for safety reasons. Another 3,000 would get us above 55,000.

Rangers have been looking at this for several months already; it is most certainly not something Robertson has plucked from thin air to distract from the Sports Direct debacle.

The SNP would probably turn the top tier into social housing. 58/92. Just googled it. Getting planning permission from GCC for an increase in capacity will be a big issue. I know that from having spoken to someone who is involved in looking at it all. Rangers could argue rain was wet with GCC and they’d still disagree. Capacity increased to 75,000 by the construction of wooden stands. Are these two areas not needed to be kept free to allow for airflow onto the pitch itself? The club has been looking at it for at least a few months and a key part of it would involve filling in the two corners and taking away the big screens etc. The icing on the cake would be taking away the screens and adding in extra seating.

Conceptually the plan is quite simple and involves filling in the corners between the Broomloan and Govan and Copland and Govan to add 3,000 - 4,000 seats. You are using an out of date browser. That's far too small to justify the mega bit. I'm off to bed. A report in the Daily Recordin April 2007 claimed that Rangers were planning to increase capacity to 57,000, principally by removing the JumboTron screens a… JavaScript is disabled. I think that’s a posssibility more than filling in corners tbh, Some nonsense being spouted on here,crackpots. The club then played home matches on public pitches across Glasgow, first moving to a regular home ground at Burnbank in 1875. Since the launch of the Everyone, Anyone initiative, there are queues the length of Delhi’s Walls for season tickets. Sheffield United supporter • With 14,000 people on the waiting list, it could be argued that ‘Gers should be adding more than the rumoured extra 5,000. I didn't realise we had so many structural engineer's on the board! Tragically, one of these collapses in in a Scotland v England game in 1902, leaving 25 people dead. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.......safe standing! Away from this website, Rob works as an Ecommerce Manager for one of the UK's largest video games retailers. After hints by the landlords that they wished to develop the site, Rangers left in February 1887. Cursed image! 1902. He's somewhat of a traditionalist, preferring the older grounds to newer purpose-built ones. I hope that any redevelopment would find a way of ensuring that all new seats become available for our supporters and wouldn’t create segregation issues such that a certain other club get an increased allocation when they come to Ibrox. By the sounds of that the only feasible way( in monetary terms ) of an increase is scrapping the small gap/gradient between the Copland front and rear , same in broomloan , making both ends all one big stand with seats going in where the current divide/advertising boards are . Gers hit record season ticket sales of 47,000 after an impressive debut season under boss Steven Gerrard. The preference is that someone else bears the capital cost (presumably in exchange for the funder having a right to the income from the new seats for a period of time until the cost plus a profit margin is paid) but that is quite a complicated structure. I'd imagine that they will be looking for the club to provide more parking spaces and an investment in public transport as a condition of getting permission. Could this not be something that the fans help fund much like the the stand at the training ground? Ok mate .

The stadium is stunning as it is. No info on either of those points I’m afraid. Scottish giants Glasgow Rangers are exploring the possibility of increasing the capacity of their Ibrox stadium. Is that not the sort of progressive thing we want from the club? The project may or may not happen but the “moonbeams” / “not happening” and similar comments on here are pretty pathetic frankly; the club is having a serious look at an ambitious project. Friday 2nd August 2019 Scottish giants Glasgow Rangers are exploring the possibility of increasing the capacity of their Ibrox stadium. I need to always remind myself how close we were to losing the stadium, & I realise the difficulties, however it still really annoys me that we can’t get the capacity up to 60,001. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Appreciate your reply . That's around a 5,000 increase from the current capacity. Let me introduce you to. We’ve been told for years that filling in those corners where the screens are with seats is cost prohibitive and will never be worth doing .

I’d imagine they are looking at levelling it off and putting seats where you see the current advertising hoardings halfway up . The club are exploring options, but are hoping to add around 5,000 new seats, taking the total capacity from the current 50,817 to around 56,000. Demand for tickets is there now. All money should go into the playing staff until we are Scotland's no 1 team again and regularly competing in the group of Europe again IMO. New design increases capacity to 63,000. It would mean we lose the big screens unless there is somewhere else screens can be installed (doesn’t seem to be an obvious place). What is he saying about where the screens will go and how we get round our fans sitting directly above the away section ? In the meantime I think we should look at LOWERING our capacity. It may not display this or other websites correctly. A remarkably cynical response from some on here. If you call up all the people on the waiting list and offer a season ticket , then imo the uptake could be 1 in 3. Football Ground Map has launched on review platform TrustPilot.

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