Before he can win her, he must succeed in a series of quests, in the course of which he teams up with Jason, true heir of Iolcus, whom he accompanies on the famous voyage of the Argonauts. MST3K versionThis is trash and the MST3K format makes it tolerable. The film was shot in Eastmancolor, using the French widescreen process Dyaliscope. Pecs so big I could park a car on them. It was a very easy hour and a half with the silly dubbing, the melding of different myths, and some surprisingly ok production design. A cheerful script fillets Greek legends and adds action to the fast-moving narrative. Title: Jason ascends the throne while Hercules and Iole set sail for new adventures. 1,150 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns, etc. A warrior returning home to his country must battle giant bats, three-headed dogs and a vicious dragon to save his wife, and his people, from the machinations of an evil ruler. Ranking Every MST3K Episode, From Worst to Best. Pietro Francisci hired Steve Reeves , being Mr. America and Mr. Universe , who previously had worked for Ed Wood in a lowest thriller called Jail Bait (1954).It is widely considered to be one of the top 10 greatest Peplum films of all time. Cinematic Excrement: The Legend of Hercules. Count Rickula's Favorite Sword and Sandal Films, The Italian Hercules Movies from 1958 to 1985, Best Film from Disney's Renaissance Era (1989-1999). Luck's Reeves changed when Italian director Pietro Francisci persuaded him to go overseas to star ¨Hercules¨ and sequel ¨Hercules and queen of Lydia also titled Hercules unchained ¨ that served as the prototypes of all cloak-and-sandal movies to come and both of them became a surprise US hit smash . Steve Reeves was a real life Hercules and oh so dreamy. The film spawned a 1959 sequel, Hercules Unchained (Italian: Ercole e la Regina di Lidia), that also starred Reeves and Koscina. Factory in 24 March 2015. They were ready to sacrifice their brief treasure , life for knowledge , for justice, for love..¨ Greek mythology in Peplum style with a musclebound Steve Reeves as Hercules. This film isn’t a masterpiece and a lot of it is pretty dumb, but there are movies made solely to be entertainment and Hercules was definitely entertaining. This modified version of Jason and the Argonauts certainly has its fair share of problems, but it's also delightfully of its time. They manage to destroy it with fire, but keep a sample. Tobias Andersen 8,202 films 16,330 754 Edit, Rules: Generate a number (from 1 to x) via:, See how many number of films there are in the…, Jayce Fryman 18,694 films 2,870 99 Edit, This list collects every film from the Starting List that became They Shoot Pictures Don't They's 1000 Greatest Films. (1958). [4], American producer Joseph E. Levine acquired the U.S. distribution rights to the film and Warners advanced Levine $300,000 for the privilege of distributing the film in the US. Urania Film, Hercules - Mighty Saga Of The World's Mightiest Man!, Labors of Hercules, 104 mins   View production, box office, & company info.

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