Everything Else Has Gone Wrong is a good album. Take ‘Let You Go’, which fuses the jangling production of ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ with glitchy electronic beats, squelchy synths and ethereal backing vocals.

Steadman will sing of obsessively thinking of someone while listening to music on headphones or not being able to speak due to shyness. Producer John Congleton’s work (most famously with St Vincent) is usually gleaming and ruthless. As the hook of “Is It Real” swells into a call-and-response chant, it’s easy to imagine muddy feet having fun with its frantic rhythm in a Glastonbury field. I Can Hardly Speak might concern the perils of echo chambers, but Steadman fails to make a point that would resonate in his own bubble, let alone pierce another; the moody People People is a meek wish that humankind could “make a subtle difference” through connection. The band’s second coming arrives with some added grit, mostly to the guitar and bass sounds, with more distortion in evidence than previously, even if it stops well short of out and out rock. The bass leads the track, whilst Steadman balances the melancholic with the uplifting, singing 'Keep the stereo on, everything else has gone wrong'.

As they did on So Long, the band take great delight in disappearing down into rabbit holes of sound, as with “Let You Go,” which crescendoes in a flurry of chopped vocals, guitars, and synths.
After taking a break when they finished touring their stellar 2014 album ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’, the band announced that they were going on “indefinite hiatus”.

However, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong arguably takes most of its cues from 2011’s A Different Kind of Fix, which was when the band added a dash of electronica to the mix. Throughout the song the shimmering instrumentation prepares you for one of the band’s trademark euphoric choruses – which never arrives. There are moments where it feels like the band have too many ideas to cram onto one record. But they are not telling us anything we didn’t already know. It is music for adverts that depict a human life unfolding in 45 seconds as a heartwarming reminder to buy a mid-range European hatchback. ‘I Can Hardly Speak’ is a sparkling cut of jittering indie-rock decorated with stonking brass licks. It's nice. With its full-chested choruses, it’s a record that—like the eerie video for the title track in which his bandmates literally dig Steadman out of a grave—seems to cheer: “We’re not dead yet! Everything Else Has Gone Wrong is about getting through troubling times with grand gestures, projecting those emotions in the most outward way possible. We’re not dead yet!”. But Everything … is a regression: all bloodless, drab silvery chunter, like Alt-J – who at least have the audacity to be aggressively terrible – with the stubborn kinks ironed out. It’s infuriating, as there are real moments of excellence on ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’. There are subtle synthesizers under the stops and starts of the title track, while “Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)” uses a synthesizer crescendo to build the tension of its repeated chorus. It’s masterfully handled, but ultimately, not a “kernel of hope or renewal in a dire situation.” On Everything Else, the band reminds us why it is that they’re still so beloved after 10 years in the game (those earworm melodies are unshakeable!) But doing a reunion tour without new music didn’t feel right. Bombay Bicycle Club's fifth album 'Everything Else Has Gone Wrong' is the first since the band ended their indefinite hiatus, and a welcome return. This is a playful record, from the swooning brass that opens the album on “Get Up” to the squiggly synth-flute sample on the shuffling “Do You Feel Loved?” Its propulsive rhythms often feel perfectly engineered for sunset slots at summer festivals.
This is the sound of an ever-curious, shape-shifting band finally finding the confidence to tell us who they really are. And despite a handful of lacklustre moments on the album, ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’ permeates the band’s trademark sound with fresh ideas.

Perhaps you thrashed along to Bombay Bicycle Club’s post-punk jams at the pub in 2009, when they released their debut I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose; or maybe you were more into the stark genre-flip of their 2010 follow-up, Flaws, which was more freakish whisper-folk. The result is Everything Else Has Gone Wrong, a brightly hued record that combines frontman Jack Steadman’s crate-digging and synth-noodling with guitar-driven hooks. The palpable joy of Everything Else indicates that the hiatus was healthy for the band. And it’s these moments of authenticity that are a reminder of what a brilliant band Bombay Bicycle Club can be. If you do like them then it's equally easy to pick out things to enjoy from this collection. And, coming back from that absence, demonstrating their steady growth as musicians with a joyful disposition that is contagious. It was a decision that was born of the fact that, having found success while still at school, the four-piece has never known any other career, and were getting complacent. None of it is compelling or well-written – the constant lyrical repetition really grates – especially when he attempts grand statements. On the muted, downbeat “Good Day,” he briefly touches on “the melting ice caps in my drink” but tosses it aside to dwell on aging, the loss of friends, and the listless refrain: “I just want to have a good day/And it’s only me that’s standing in my way”. Yet those anniversary shows were dazzlingly slick – BBC received nothing short of a heroes’ welcome – and comeback single ‘Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)’ offered a warm shot of nostalgia.

© 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. Tentative conversations about 10-year anniversary shows for their debut ‘I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose’ turned into recording sessions, and three years later, in early 2019, Bombay Bicycle Club reignited the life in many a waning indie fan’s veins by announcing that they were back, back, back. (Pitchfork may earn a commission from purchases made through affiliate links on our site.). Guitarist Jamie MacColl went and got an undergraduate degree (and then a Masters at Cambridge), while drummer Suren de Saram spent his time as a session drummer for artists such as Jessie Ware. Everything else may have gone wrong – but in amongst the chaos it sure is good to have Bombay Bicycle Club back. Title track and second single “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong” is a definite highlight. And although they ruled out breaking up, for fans it felt pretty final, as the band started to pursue other projects. This comeback does a fine job of updating the beloved indie band's trademark style, though there are sometimes too many ideas jostling for attention. Many of these songs don’t sound specific to 2020 in any sense other than that the Bombay Bicycle Club that made them as a grown, arena-filling version of itself. The invigorating ‘Get Up’ is a sprightly amalgam of glittering saxophone lines, roaring guitars and sky-high layered vocals and the lilting ‘Good Day’ strips back the production, putting the focus on the painfully honest lyrics that perfectly dissect the experience being in your late-20s in 2020: “I just want to have a good day / And I’m the only thing that’s standing in my way”. For all that BBC put a cosy spin on 2010s jittery indie, they pushed and evolved beyond their twiddly peers: their bright final album, 2014’s. Even when reunions are no longer surprising but inevitable, Bombay Bicycle Club’s return is striking: just four years after they split, here is a fifth album, made after they met to discuss playing 10th anniversary shows for their 2009 debut and realised they missed making music together. Each element works on its own, but when they’re all fused together the results are jumbled and overwhelming. Ask 10 people to describe the sound of Bombay Bicycle Club you’ll probably get 10 different answers; it all depends when they got into them. Bombay Bicycle Club: Everything Else Has Gone Wrong review – songs to buy a mid-range hatchback to ... It’s curious that Everything Else Has Gone Wrong started from a nostalgic impulse. But like all good break-ups, Bombay Bicycle Club’s didn’t stick. Most baffling is Good Day, which contains vocal “doo doo doo”s, twee twinkly bits and scratchy-chin-emoji lyrics about melting ice cubes prompting existential thoughts about the environment; and how Steadman “would quit my job if I had a job”. Follow-up singles followed suit.

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