That it is a restless star can also be deduced from the fact that it is subject to a very complex cycle of pulsations, with periods that are not clearly recognizable. Orionid meteors likely peak the morning of October 21, Asteroid 2020 TF6 will come within 40% of moon’s distance on October 19. Deneb is also the brightest star of the Northern Cross, another prominent summer asterism found in the northern skies. In the far future, Deneb will explode as a supernova in a couple of million years. The stars return to the same place in the sky about 2 hours earlier with each passing month (or four minutes earlier with each passing day). Deneb brightness ranges from a magnitude of 1.338 to a magnitude of 1.273 over its variable period. It may become either an extremely luminous red giant or it will become a luminous blue variable, or maybe even a Wolf-Rayet star.

In Greek mythology, the constellation represents Zeus, who turned himself into a swan to seduce Queen Leda of Sparta. It is believed that the star is cooling and expanding. They're gone.

A characteristic of supergiants is the very low density of the outer layers. One of the methods to establish it starts from the measurement of its angular diameter, ie the angle subtended by its disk observed from the Earth. The Right Ascension is how far expressed in time (hh:mm:ss) the star is along the celestial equator. Cookies / About Us / Contact Us / Twitter / Facebook, Alpha Cygni, Alf Cyg, Dhanab ad-Dulfin, HD 197345, HIP 102098, HR 7924, TYC 3574-3347-1, 50 Cygni, 50 Cyg, BD+44 3541, alf Cyg, Variable Magnitude Range (Brighter - Dimmer), Deneb is a main star in the constellation. As a blue-white supergiant (A2Ia), Deneb is one of the biggest white stars known, and is 203 times bigger than the Sun, and around 19 times more massive. The word means “the one who comes last” and probably refers to the posterior position of Deneb within the constellation. From the distance, for example, it is possible to obtain the size of the linear diameter, knowing that of the angular diameter. The star’s estimated diameter is 100 to 200 times that of the Sun, which makes it one of the largest A-type stars known. The Summer Asterism is made up of Deneb, Vega, and Altair, all of whom are first magnitude stars. Constellation: Cygnus In truth, we do not know in which phase of the evolution following the main sequence Deneb is currently. What is the exact diameter of this supergiant? In order not to miss anything, our supergiant is also a variable star.

Gaia, this is the name of the new satellite, is measuring the parallax of over one billion Milky Way stars with extreme precision, but its sensors are too delicate to withstand the dazzling light of a giant like Deneb. An Astronomical Unit is the distance between Earth and the Sun. According to a study published in 2013, the current mass of Deneb is “just” 12.7 solar masses. Based on the spectral type (A2Ia) of the star, the star's colour is blue - white . When the value is negative then the star and the Sun are getting closer to one another, likewise, a positive number means that two stars are moving away. It is one of the stars that form the Summer Triangle, along with Altair in Aquila constellation and Vega in Lyra.. Deneb is also the brightest star of the Northern Cross, another prominent summer asterism found in the … In just one year the supergiant disperses in the surrounding space through its stellar wind a mass equivalent to about 2 times that of the planet Mercury. [3] There is no hope of obtaining a more reliable measurement of Deneb’s parallax angle in the short term, although ESA has launched a new, much more precise and powerful astrometric satellite than its predecessor Hipparcos since 2013. The star has a mass about 19 times that of the Sun.

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