Of the 33 snake species found in Kentucky, only four are venomous. The generic name is derived from the Greek words ancistro (hooked) and odon (tooth), or fishhook. However, a good identifying characteristic for copperheads is the chestnut crossbands that are wide on the side of the body and nar- … The trivial name, or specific epithet, comes from the Latin contortus (twisted, intricate, complex); which is usually interpreted to reference the distorted pattern of darker bands across the sna… Agkistrodon contortrix is a species of venomous snake, a pit viper, endemic to Eastern North America; it is a member of the subfamily Crotalinae in the family Viperidae. Culture Snakes It'sssssss baby copperhead snake season!

They are most often encountered in states like Missouri, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, West Virginia, Texas, Georgia and more. There are two subspecies of copperheads in Kentucky, the southern copperhead and the northern copperhead. Size: The total length of most Copperheads is two feet or less. Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) is a term that refers to any of five different subspecies of venomous snakes found mostly in the southern United States. This species reproduces in the spring and typically gives birth between late August and early September. Venomous snakes include the Copperhead, Western Cottonmouth (water moccasin), Timber Rattlesnake, and Pigmy Rattlesnake. Food - Adults primarily eat mice and other small mammals and birds; occasionally frogs, lizards, and insects, especially cicadas; young eat caterpillars, sometimes small frogs and insects Copperheads are related to the cottonmouth snake. While venomous snakes should be respected and approached with caution, most snakes encountered in Kentucky are harmless and beneficial because they eat mice and other rodents. The common name for this species is the eastern copperhead. MURRAY, Ky (AP) — A woman travelling in a motorized wheelchair near a Kentucky Walmart discovered a rattlesnake under her seat on Sunday, the Murray Ledger & … In Kentucky, the copperhead can vary in general coloration from reddish brown (coppery-red) to brown, which is similar to several of the common harmless species. Similar to all venomous snakes in Kentucky, Copperheads have a single row of scales posterior to the cloaca.

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