Adult females lay up to several dozen eggs that hatch after 2-2.5 months of incubation.

Other Names. Snakes Racer. Jackson, K., N. J. Kley, and E. L. Brainerd. [5]Nine subspecies are currently recognized, including the nominate subspecies described here. It is also found in northern Mexico, including all of Baja California. Five to 17 eggs are laid in mid summer, hatching occurs in late summer

Common Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getulas) - Skip Links, Order: Squamata Zoology 107:191-200.

Geographic Range. Here’s what you need to know when dealing with a possible common kingsnake. Beginning March 23, all ODFW offices will be closed to visitors. It was made available to The University of Texas High-Resolution X-ray CT Facility for scanning by Dr. Jessie Maisano of The University of Texas at Austin and Mr. Alan Resetar of the Field Museum.
Found throughout the southern U.S.

Reproduction in the common kingsnake is oviparous. The Common Kingsnake ranges throughout much of the US south of Central Oregon and New Jersey.
from coast to coast, in a number of subspecies, in a diverse array of habitat It is a strong constrictor, specializing on other snakes (hence the name A habitat generalist, the common kingsnake has been found in deserts, riparian areas, woodlands, forests, and farmland from sea level to 7000 feet (2100 m). 26 Jul 2006, adult skull | egg: whole specimen | skull. It occupies an array of habitats from southern Canada to northern South America. The third type of color pattern a Kingsnake can have is being of one solid color, like black or red. These include L. g. californiae from California, L. g. nigrita and L. g. splendida from northern Mexico and the southwest United States, L. g. holbrooki from Colorado, L. g. nigra from the eastern United States (Bartlett and Tennant, 2000), L. g. floridana from Florida (Krysko, 2002), and L. g. getula ranging from New Jersey to Florida (Krysko and Judd, 2006). BI468/568: Amphibians and Reptiles of Oregon Dr. Tom A. Titus. American Midland Naturalist 148:102-114. Distribution. Common kingsnake This snake is most common in thick vegetation along water bodies, but ranges into farmland, chaparral, and deciduous and mixed coniferous woodlands in the Rogue and Umpqua river valleys of southwestern Oregon. [5], 10.2305/IUCN.UK.2019-2.RLTS.T67662588A67662645.en,, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 October 2020, at 21:58. With their choice of prey, they might also rank high among the gourmet diners of the serpent clan. 4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE - click for info: California represents home base for both the California King Snake and the California Mountain King Snake. Salem, OR 97302 types.

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