Tip of the teeth has the poisonous gland primarily for the survival and sustenance of Snake. While there are many other sea snakes in the same area, black-banded sea kraits have a much smaller range than other species, which you can find on the coasts of India, even Africa, and South America. The king cobra is mostly found in the low elevation area often refers to the Terai of Nepal. The

Other names of this snake are Greater Black Krait in English and similarly, it is known as ThuloKaloKaret in Nepali. The banded krait (Bungarus fasciatus) of Southeast Asia grows to 2 metres (6.6 feet), and other species commonly reach more than a metre in length.

Family: Elapidae, Genus: Bungarus, Common name: Black krait, Greater black krait. It has a shiny black, dark brown head.

The scientific name of Black Krait is Bungarus niger. All have bodies that are strongly triangular in cross-section. This rare snake is found up to an altitude of 2,200 meters above the sea level. I am interested in reading and writing new stuff. Nepal. I'm gonna add pictures of Albino Musk Turtle in this post, This turtle is looking very cute. My background is on the classical science. Himalayan Krait is found in the higher altitude and is often

Get it in game! Greetings to all of you beautiful people, Kraits (Bungarus) are distributed through Asia and they consist of 12 species of which the principal ones are B. candidus or Malayan krait, B. fasciatus or banded krait, B. caeruleus or common krait, B. multicinctus or Chinese krait, and B. niger or greater black krait (Chippaux, 2006; From: Handbook of Clinical Neurology, 2014.


Russell viper often refers to, as the Daboia Russelii is one of the venomous snakes found in Nepal. The scientific name of Wall Krait is Bungarus Walli. Also we are having fun with my viewers as I am taking challenges from them and trying to achieve them in the game!

For me being live and having fun with my community keeps me healthy and happy to keep going. My name is Black Krait I'm a content creator and Twitch broadcaster mainly streaming World of Warships of course which I started playing since 2015! is Bungarus bungaroides. It feeds in snake mostly the venomous one.

My passion for gaming was something I could not hide so my personal angel (my mother) helped me get to London and study for 3D Artist.

It's probably the one only shooter video of Greater Black Krait … The pit organ lies between eye and Both species are known for patternless uniform black body with yellowish underside. It has the peculiar behavior of making a nest and guarding the egg.

The largest and most venomous snake of Nepal is the King Cobra. This is my first Review video on Youtube and it's about Goliath!

Scientific name: Bungarus niger. It lives in proximity to water bodies and prefers to live in vegetation with ample bamboo trees. 4. The scientific name of common cobra is Naja naja.

Top 10 Venomous Snake of Nepal are discussed here. considered as the highly venomous snake. The lesser black krait (Bungarus lividus) is a species of venomous elapid snake found in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Russell viper often refers to, as the Daboia Russelii is one of the venomous snakes found in … It has lethal venom that can kill a human within 15 minutes of bites. The Species was described by Frank Wall from a specimen obtained from near Tindharia near Darjeeling. The Snake has one pair of teeth in the upper jaw.

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