The signs and symptoms of Blue-Banded Sea Krait Bite may be apparent within a few hours following a bite. The snake venom is a highly potent neurotoxic, which can cause systemic symptoms such as muscle weakness, seizures, respiratory failure, and severe paralysis Banded kraits can be yellow and black or white and black. During the day, they lie up in grass, pits, or drains. The signs and symptoms of Black Banded Sea Krait Bite can vary from one individual to another. The snakes are lethargic and sluggish even under provocation. Alteration in the level of consciousness was observed in 150 (71%) patients: drowsy in 91 (43%), semiconscious in 24 (11%), and deep coma in 35 (17%). However, it can protect itself quite well – it is a strong biter and has been recorded as killing a large type of cattle 60 minutes after a bite. Symptoms of envenomation include drowsiness, neurologic/neuromuscular manifestations, and abdominal pain which may develop; proximal limb paralysis, ventilatory failure and/or coma … When harassed, they will usually hide their heads under their coils, and do not generally attempt to bite, though at night they are much more active and widely considered to be more dangerous then. Banded kraits are shy, not typically seen, and are mainly nocturnal. Apparently it is true, he was bitten by a banded krait in 1995 while enjoying a night out in a Bangkok bar on Soi Cowboy.

Autonomic disturbances included transient hypertension, tachycardia, lacrimation, sweating, and salivation. Clinical symptoms. symptomatology is similar to the cobra's neurotoxic effects, but without local symptoms (ie. I have a banded krait video (click) up at Youtube and a guy responded with a comment that I didn’t know whether to take seriously or not. The cardinal symptom was abdominal pain developing within hours of the bite. Sea snake bite symptoms include nausea, vomiting, thick tongue, blurred vision, difficulty speaking or swallowing, numbness, weakness, or stiffness. They are most commonly seen … It may develop within a few hours and include: Bite or fang marks on arm or leg; there may be no pain or negligible pain and swelling at the bite site Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea The local symptoms of victims bitten by the many-banded krait are usually neither serious swelling nor pain; the victims merely feel slightly itchy and numb. Systemic symptoms occur, in general, one to six hours after being bitten by this snake. Defensive Behavior: The banded krait is slow acting during the day, lethargic, and usually not interested in striking. These manifested in 139 (66%) patients with moderate to severe … necrosis, bleeding). Banded Krait skull showing fangs, jaw, and other dentition.

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