The only issues are with the glass being fragile, the backing hiding insects or waste and the extra ventilation in the front doors that is unnecessary for leopard geckos and may be detrimental if conditions are not properly maintained.

That should give enough room for one side to be significantly cooler.

They can be in a state of stress from not being able to move around freely, they won’t be able to use their hides properly for serious things like shedding, and they will even be more prone to certain diseases and illnesses because of a weakened immune system from excessive stress (yes, it gets that bad). If you’d like to know where to get a good hide. Leopard geckos are different in that they do not need the UVB light since they are nocturnal. Yes, you can get away with a much smaller 10 gallon tank to start with – but it’s really only suitable for a hatchling. Another characteristic is the presence of holes. If you get any more geckos, you will need a larger tank.

If you even have an inkling that you may like two lizards at some point, get a 15-gallon tank at a minimum. How do you think about the answers? Your monthly expenses might even increase quite a bit from month-to-month as well. Some reviewers complain that the heating pad included did not keep the terrarium hot enough for a leopard gecko to thrive. Your monthly expenses might even increase quite a bit from month-to-month as well. I think it’s best to get the larger tank and then upgrade as you see fit in the future if you ever feel inclined to.

Without them, they would have no way to hide from the heat, nowhere to shed at without their being shedding issues, and would have nowhere to feel safe and, therefore, stress-free. The substrate mat has been known to shed some of the rocks and sand which could be very dangerous to your leopard gecko if it’s ingested. What should your gecko habitat be made of? We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Man dangles from Trump Tower, asks to meet president. Yes, you can get away with a much smaller 10 gallon tank to start with – but it’s really only suitable for a hatchling. compare. So its price is reasonable for a terrarium that. The top mesh has a locking system, which prevents undesirable access. The Exo Terra Desert Habitat Kit is a great starter kit for your new leopard gecko.

This is a 20-gallon tank and it is recommended you use at least a 10-gallon for one gecko and a 15-gallon for two. If we’re talking about if a 20-gallon tank is better than a 100-gallon tank, though, then I would say it doesn’t matter that much.

Included is a top mounted light, however, you need to purchase a bulb separately.

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